We are InterTaG

Digital Platform builder, Startup Accelerator, Angel Investor, Employer of Record Agency, provider of Digital Workforce.

We work for the Digital Future of Thailand, in accordance to DEPA’s Digital Masterplan for Digital Economy.

InterTaG functions as both a platform developer and an AI technology operator, promoting digital enterprises and fostering collaboration with skilled expatriates, aspiring startup entrepreneurs, and international investors. Through strategically utilizing technology and digital innovation (transformation), InterTaG aims to advance Thailand’s economy, society, culture, and national security.

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InterTaG ltd
101 True Digital Park
101/1 Bang Chak, Phra Khanong
Bangkok, 10260
+66 94 227 5624 


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InterTaG is the builder and operator of the Qaori Cooperative Community Platform, a member-owned global organization providing free access to a wide range of practical services: buy, sell, pay, ship goods or services, book experts, learn and teach, manage events and tickets, etc. Qaori operates a bank, a crypto exchange, and many valuable services.

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